NZder’s lost $5.8 million from online theft in Q1

By   Pip   -  August 24 / 2023

Anna Edge, Business Development Manager, Media Mint, wrapped up a great session at ‘Innovate Napier’ this morning!

Heard from Tony Krzyzewski FIITP, a world-renowned cybersecurity expert, and my mind is officially blown. 

It was confronting to be reminded about the extent of online surveillance and the vulnerability of our data. Our digital lives are like open books, and it’s pretty terrifying. But fear not, we also got some amazing insights on how to safeguard our clients and our business data from the clutches of those who want to exploit us. 

Even here in little Hawke’s Bay, we’re not off the radar for international hackers. Tony highlighted some eye-opening takeaways that I can’t wait to share with you:
1️⃣ Cyber theft is no joke – New Zealand lost a whopping 5.8 million dollars in Q1 this year alone! That’s over 64k per day! 
2️⃣ Ever thought your Airbnb account was safe? Think again! Hacked accounts are being sold for $500 NZD each. Scammers can book accommodations in your name and then rob that property. 
3️⃣ Time to get serious about passwords! Implement a robust password policy for your business and keep a close watch on it. 
4️⃣ Shocking stat: 60% of small businesses don’t survive a network attack. Always have a backup of crucial data stored off-network. 
5️⃣ Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt! It’s your best friend when it comes to protecting your data. 

Tony also shared some invaluable resources to fortify our digital defences:
🔹 Check out Quad9 (, a free DNS security tool to bolster your online security.
🔹 Explore the Global Cyber Alliance’s toolkit ( filled with free tools to minimize cyber risks.
🔹 For the small business owners out there, CISecurity offers free policy templates (

Stay safe out there, everyone! Let’s protect our digital turf like the champions we are. 


Media Mint specialises in top-quality new media production from Corporate Video to Motion Graphics, Voice Over to Social Media and plenty in between. They make it their business to make clients feel great about what they do.

To find out more about Media Mint and what they can offer your brand, check out their showreel and client testimonials, visit them on social media, or hit the Contact Us page – or do it old school and drop in for a coffee.


Napier City Business Inc, Napier City Council and Napier Port proudly sponsor the Innovate Napier Breakfast Series. We are grateful to The Scenic Hotel | Te Pania for providing the accommodation for our guest speakers.


Photography | Ruby Bloom Photography


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