Who is Napier City Business Inc?

Napier City Business Inc was first incorporated in 1998. Although our look and feel has evolved over the years, our primary focus is still much the same. We represent around 450 members and landlords who reside within our membership boundary. The boundary is Marine Parade from the right-hand side of Browning Street to Vautier Street and goes to Clive Square, up Tennyson and everything in between. We are an independent organisation,  funded by the way of a targeted levy on all commercial buildings in the rateable area (Link to Map) based on the capital value of the buildings that are within this boundary plus a contribution from Napier City Council.

Who can become a member?

Anyone who owns a business or building within the CBD boundary. (Link to Map)

How do I become a member?

In the first instance contact the team at Napier City Business inc. (Link to membership sign up)

What if I own a business or a building outside of the membership?

If your business is outside of the membership boundary you are able to apply to be an affiliate member. This is at the discretion of Napier City Business Inc. There is an annual membership fee for this. Contact Napier City Business Inc to find out more. (Link to the membership page)

How much does membership cost?

There is no direct membership fee to the members. An annual CBD promotional levy is charged to the building owners in their annual Napier City Council building rates.

What are the benefits of the Napier City Business Inc membership?

And much more.

How do I contact Napier City Business Inc? 

You can contact us here. (pip@napiercbd.co.nz)

Is Napier City Business Inc the same as Napier City Council?

No, they are separate entities. 

If I want to open a business in the CBD how do I go about it?

Contact us at Napier City Business Inc and we will help support and direct you to the organisations that will help get you started.  (pip@napiercbd.co.nz)

Can my staff join Napier City Business Inc also?

Yes. Anyone working in the membership area is eligible for membership benefits. Start here (Link to membership page)

Who do I contact about Napier City Council’s consents, licenses and bylaws?

Contact us at Napier City Business Inc and we will help support and direct you to the departments that will help get you started.  (pip@napiercbd.co.nz)

Who does Napier City Business Inc work with to continuously improve the vibrancy and success of the CBD?

Want to know more? Contact us at Napier City Business Inc

Phone: 021 051 5427
Email: pip@napiercbd.co.nz


Membership registration

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