Our strategy

Our strategy for 2021 – 2025

Our vision

An Eternally Attractive Napier CBD:  Measured by the number of people who desire to work, live & play in the CBD.

Our mission

‘Be the Connectors, Celebrators, Educators and Advocators of all things in the Napier CBD’

Our business objectives 

Business Support

Supporting & helping integrate businesses, property owners into the CBD. To assist and guide the development and advancement of the commercial interests of business people and businesses in Napier’s CBD through a coordinated and structured communications, marketing and events, and economic development programmes.

Engaged Membership

Implement and action a membership engagement process. To foster and promote the general welfare of the Napier CBD,  the business community and, in particular, to provide a forum for networking and collaboration of members.


Advocating on improving common, core, enduring barriers to the City’s attractiveness. To enhance the safety and security of the Napier CBD and to attract and retain business in an effort to drive employment growth and economic, social, cultural, and environmental wellbeing

Asset Creation

Creating uniquely ownable assets/tools that can be leveraged by the CBD membership towards its goals & vision. To capitalize on the unique assets and profile of the Napier CBD and to use it as a means of promoting the identity and positioning of the area, and the businesses within it.  Alignment with Key Stakeholders – Mutual & Influential relationship building

Alignment with Key Stakeholders

Mutual & Influential relationship building. To make arrangements with and advocate to Government, local authorities and persons, corporations, and associations for the improvement of amenity, streetscapes, utilities, transport, services, and other infrastructure and lighting, surfacing, security, and cleaning in Napier’s CBD.

Responsible Governance

Efficient Board Governance. Do any act or thing incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the above objects provided that the Governance Committee will determine the Society’s emphasis on each of the above items from time to time.

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