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Innovate Napier

Vaughn Davis


Big ideas for business – Downturns are for other people


Friday 30 June 2023

7.15 am arrival – The speaker starts 7.45am

Napier War Memorial Centre, Marine Parade, Napier



Napier City Business Inc, Napier City Council and Napier Port invite you to join us at Innovate Napier. A winter breakfast series to motivate and energise you for your future in business.

Our inspiring speaker, Vaughn Davis is the owner of The Goat Farm. He is an experienced Creative Director, an author, a radio host and one of New Zealand’s best-known social media professionals. Early in his career, he trained with the Royal New Zealand Air Force – flying everything from Strikemaster jets to Hercules transport planes. And he once even landed a large aeroplane on a floating ice runway in Antarctica! He is still an avid pilot and flies on a regular basis.

After leaving the Air Force, he has spent more than 20 years working in advertising, from a decade as Creative Director for a large international advertising agency to starting his own business 11 years ago. In his business, Vaughn’s worked with businesses from startups to multinationals to help them sell more stuff, create export brands and even get people to vote.

“Inspiring talk from Vaughn Davis – no-nonsense straight up approach of how to get your messaging across for your business. Funny and gave lots of clearly illustrated examples to get his points made. For me the story telling was a great reminder on being unapologetically myself and sharing my business journey. Simple and clear with the 6 ‘S’ words – lots of good takeaways to work on. Well worth the early start to the day!”


The Goat Farm is a small NZ business employing 7 people. And, like most business owners, on the 20th of each month Vaughn watches the money come in from clients and go out to suppliers and staff, and sometimes even gets to keep some for himself.

In this owner-to-owner chat you’ll hear how businesses from fish and chip shops to winemakers have tackled all sorts of challenges and lived to tell the tale.


Vaughn and his team have worked with many international celebrities including:

Sarah Jessica Parker is an actor, publisher, philanthropist and businessperson… and now winemaker. The Goat Farm worked with Invivo and SJP to create the Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker brand, creating a brand icon based on painted Xs sent down from New York. They then worked hand in hand with local 3D artists and printers to translate that icon to SJP’s Sauvignon Blanc and Rosē packaging.

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