Napier CBD New Zealand – Cyclone Gabrielle

By   Pip   -  February 19 / 2023

7 days on from the devastation of Cyclone Gabrielle.

We hear many from outside the region really dont know what we are going through, so here’s a quick summary of the Napier CBD.

Hawkes Bay has only just been connected with power and communications since the cyclone began, so we are still trying to understand the impact. Some are still to be connected. The power stations were also flooded with water. 

The CBD itself was not affected by the cyclone. Thank goodness. However, family homes and properties have been decimated.  

Things we know:

Long-term effects that will affect Retailers/Hospitality:


Sunday and beyond.

Please help us keep our economy going. To those businesses that can open, please do. To those people that can access shopping and purchase goods from businesses please do. To those that can help bring some sort of normality back into our lives after the devastating week we’ve had, please do.
If you are willing and able to volunteer to help with the recovery, please register your details with
Our hearts and love are with families and friends who have lost or displaced family members, pets, and friends.

A message for New Zealanders and international friends- if you are shopping online, please look to Hawke’s Bay to make your purchases. Freight might be delayed, but your help and support in our economy would greatly boost all of our dearly loved locally-owned and operated businesses and national brands.

Take care out here.


Pip Thompson

General Manager

Napier City Business Inc

021 051 5427



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