By   Pip   -  September 29 / 2022


Napier City Business Inc gets vote of confidence from the CBD business and building owners with a $120k increase in funding.

Napier City Business Inc has been cheerleading and supporting Napier City Businesses for more than 24 years. They are a small team that really cares for the people who make up the CBD.

From marketing, events, and collaborations to safety, welfare, and advocacy, they are here to listen, champion, and strengthen everyone in the Napier business community. 


The organisation is funded by a targeted levy on all commercial buildings within their membership boundary and a Napier City Council contribution.


The targeted levy rate has not changed in more than 21 years but the cities’ needs have therefore called for a membership vote to increase their funding. The proposed funding of 

$120k would be re-invested directly back into vibrancy in the city including more events and activations through the year. 


After consultation with the membership a Special General Meeting was held last week. 

They are pleased to announce that those who attended voted overwhelmingly to support the increase and look forward to the vibrant future of the CBD. NCBI Board Chairman, Kim Hooper pointed out that this is one of the most significant milestones for NCBI in recent history. We look forward to engaging with our membership to create a robust process that will ensure we invest the money efficiently and effectively.


Napier City Business Inc General Manager Pip Thompson was absolutely delighted with the result. Pip said “Asking the membership for an increase in funding at the toughest time in business following two years of uncertainty and also the rate of inflation was challenging but also knowing that every cent was going to be re-invested back into vibrancy she felt confident the membership had her back. From here, we’ll work with members on what matters most to them and the vibrancy of the CBD. We want our members to help us co-design and map out our events and activations programme for the future.”


Aside from the ‘yes vote’ and increase in funding we’ve received, Pip Thompson said she is super proud of the confidence, trust and belief the CBD businesses have in her and her team to deliver on their behalf.



For more information contact

Pip Thompson

General Manager

Napier City Business Inc




From left to right: Kim Kerrigan, Membership Coordinator, Andrea Johnston-Taylor Events Manager, Ella Tieman, EIT Intern, Pip Thompson, General Manager

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