NCBI/ EIT relationship creates dream job

By   Pip   -  May 16 / 2022

Napier City Business Inc made a strategic decision in 2020 to invest in creating uniquely ownable assets/tools that can be leveraged by our CBD membership towards our goals & vision. Engaging with the business school at EIT was an important step in building these assets and we are very proud of the success the EIT relationship has brought us. 

Chanika Lokuge, a  Sri Lankan Chartered Accountant, enrolled in EIT’s Master of Applied Management Programme to further her education, has not only graduated and found a job locally, but has also integrated into the Hawke’s Bay community.


Chanika worked as a financial consultant before deciding to look at opportunities to study further overseas.

“I identified the Master of Applied Management at EIT as being a great fit for my background and future career growth. The programme content attracted me because it covered a wide range of subjects and I felt it would enhance my ability to grow in a wider spectrum of my career.”

Chanika moved to New Zealand in 2019 to begin her postgraduate studies at EIT’s School of Business on the Hawke’s Bay Campus. It is a decision she has not regretted.

When she began the programme she immediately felt it was right. 

“The EIT programmes are designed in such a way that all resources are at hand on MyEIT (EIT’s online student portal), and the lecturers are great facilitators who very willingly guide with timely feedback. I really enjoyed the interactive discussions at weekly workshops.”

“Apart from the academic experience, I loved being involved in various activities organised for international students. I had the opportunity to join the International Student Peer Mentor Programme which enabled me to guide new students to settle in and understand the commitment required to be successful at EIT. It was a very rewarding experience helping others. Participating at the International Dinner with a group performance and making a cultural handicraft was a memorable event.”

It did not stop there for Chanika, as not only was she a finalist in the Best Asian Tertiary Student category of the Hawke’s Bay Asians in the Bay Awards, but she also secured a role as Accountant at Real Estate Brands Management Limited, Napier which is the head office for five real estate brands with 31 offices around the region.

“I believe the integrated project I completed as part of my Masters with Napier City Business Inc,  played a great part in securing this role. I was able to showcase my ability to handle a real-life scenario which helped me to gain a great reference from the supervisor I worked with. 

“My integrated project gave me the opportunity to work closely with retailers in Napier and it improved my negotiating skills. It also improved my skill of multi-tasking which helps immensely with my current role. I also enhanced my problem-solving ability by developing a Power Bi dashboard which also has become a useful tool at work.”


“This report has provided a number of valuable insights into our business and to me as a business owner. In particular, being able to quantify the benefits of our investment is important and will help guide future investments”.

Napier City Retailer.

On a personal note, I wish to thank you for your time and the detail you put into ensuring the data was correct in order to deliver a meaningful report. I gained significant benefit from our conversations which challenged me and allowed me further insight into our business.”

Napier City Retailer.

Some content of this article is written by EIT – EASTERN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY 

Pip Thompson, General Manager Napier City Business Inc

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