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Welcome to Supplement City! Hawkes Bay’s locally owned and operated, stand alone independent Supplement Store.

At Supplement City, we aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel. We know that local people prefer to deal with and support local businesses and brands. Especially lately! It’s actually the way it’s always been. However when you walk down your local towns Main-street, what do you see? Chain stores, multi-brand corporates and pop-up clone like shops. Supplement City is an independent push back against this trend.

We have set out to create an old-school values based online Supplement Store, based on supplying quality products, at a fair price with a healthy serving of personal service. We aren’t bound to only supply our customers with the brands that are aligned with any “parent” company. At Supplement City we are free to seek whatever brands we can, if it’s what our customers want. As a result you will see that our range of supplement brands is wide and varied. Give Supplement City a shot!

We are young, keen, deliver Nationwide from our website, and we are ready to take on the NZ Supplement market!

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