Soundhaus by Schuler

Owned and operated by Tim Schuler. A musician, Tim has been designing, selling and installing music and cinema systems since the late eighties both here in sunny Hawkes Bay and in Auckland.

While “suitably removed” from the retail side for a period, Tim was also a HiFi product reviewer for an online audio magazine.

The theme of the store is Simple and Beautiful Home Entertainment. From the most basic item like transistor radios (with superb reception) up to the absolute best audio systems available in the world today. Whether that be a turntable or the latest music streamer controlled from your phone.

If you desire the dream system or the simplest solution to an audio problem, the “friendly” team at Soundhaus have the experience and equipment available for you. Even the opposition commented that:

“Tim is the BEST problem solver I’ve met in 40 years in the business.”

You can’t get a better recommendation than that.

Soundhaus have handpicked each item they stock to provide the very best performance and ease of use at any given value. It’s so important for folks reading this; to understand that a massive percentage of what is for sale in New Zealand and the world, is very, very ordinary sounding.

“Glitz and Glamour in a trendy mag does not a good system make”

EVERYONE that’s visits the showroom must take the opportunity to listen to what true HIGH FIDELITY audio sounds like. That gives you a reference to compare all other systems you may audition at soundhaus’ or elsewhere.

You are welcome..

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