Rodd and Gunn

A 75-year obsession with quality.

Since the first English Pointer was stitched on a range of boutique men’s shirts in 1946, we’ve been unwilling to compromise on quality. In fact, we can be borderline obsessive.

In its current form, the brand was established in 1987 when the first stand-alone store opened in Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand. And from that moment forward, the Rodd & Gunn brand became synonymous with quality.

Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for crafting timeless garments that are made to last. From the fabrics we source, to the techniques we use to construct our clothing, quality is the undercurrent that buoys us as a brand.

It’s why we’ve traversed the globe looking for the finest cotton, the softest wool, and the most luxurious linens. It’s why we insist on sourcing biodegradable fabrics from renewable resources. It’s why we’ve been selective in our search for garment makers – from the family-owned textile mills in the heart of Italy to the Hungarian Szaalardi family who handcrafts our leather bags. It’s why we can confidently offer a two-year guarantee on all our goods. And, it’s why our garments remain a favourite for years to come – handed down from generation to generation.

An antipodean attitude.

An antipodean attitude.

We’re a proud Kiwi brand, with an ever-growing global presence.

As we’ve expanded our retail footprint across the Southern and Northern Hemisphere, we’ve done so with a quiet, dogged determination. Our uniquely Kiwi sensibility enables us to forge our own path, without concerning ourselves with the approval of others. Showboating just isn’t in our nature.

Aotearoa is Rodd & Gunn’s spiritual home, and we’re deeply connected to its untamed beauty and rich culture. Our collections are inspired by the raw, pure forms of nature found in our home country – the ancient mountains, glacial lakes, endless plains, and windswept high country.

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