KILT is a New Zealand made and designed women’s clothing company. Our mission here at KILT is to provide the ultimate experience by helping KILTies feel amazing, with the best NZ made products at affordable prices while impacting less on the environment.

Our design team focus on creating pieces (not collections), that will mix and match with your wardrobe, pieces that are elegant, sophisticated but practical and playful at the same time! We design clothing to be worn and loved. We have a focus on creating pieces that last, timeless pieces with a point of difference that make the wearer feel amazing. Versatility is a key focus for us – we know how good it is to be able to change up a look. After all, we are Kiwi women designing not only for those special occasions but for everything in-between.

Our trained boutique stylists are there to help not sell. They know their stock, colours, and fabrics and they are all super energised to help you find exactly what you are looking for (and more often than not, it is something completely different to what you thought!). We pride ourselves on our customer experience – we focus on creating relationships and love to catch up with our loyal KILTies on a daily.

KILT loves NZ and all that it has to offer, which is why it is so important to us that our clothing is all made right here. We love NZ Made so much we opened our own factory to guarantee that we will always be able to offer our KILTies timeless, creative, versatile pieces. Being NZ made also means we can bring our styles to you faster and we can react to the changeable weather (hey we live here too!). We are also big environmentalists here at KILT and try to minimise waste as much as we can.

KILT started with the recognition (back in 2000! –yip the world didn’t end!) that there were no affordable NZ made clothing options specifically made and designed for New Zealand women. And boy did the women of NZ respond – KILT now has 19 boutiques throughout New Zealand and a large loyal following of KILTies that know and believe in exactly what we believe in.

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