Our strategy

Our Strategy 2024-2027


Napier’s fresh and vibrant business heart is a powerful magnet for more people to work, live and play in the CBD


‘Enabling the Napier CBD community through Connecting, Advocating and Celebrating’

Our strategic priorities

Facilitating Meaningful Connections
Initiate connections between individuals, members, businesses, and Napier City Council. Commit to providing timely and relevant information, guidance, and connections in every interaction.
Championing CBD Community Causes 
Identify and advocate for impactful causes within the CBD community and be the voice for pressing and relevant issues.
Intensifying Celebration Through Increased Sharing 
Increase the effectiveness, frequency and scope of how positive experiences, achievements, and milestones are shared.
Cultivating Strong Relationships
Foster mutually beneficial partnerships and maintain open communication channels with members and key business relationships to ensure sustained success and value creation.
Demonstrate value to members
Focus on delivering tangible benefits and ensuring members understand their investment is worthwhile.

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