NCBI Collaboration Funding

To apply for funding from NCBI for a collaboration event or activation event in the CBD, complete the form below. You must be collaborating with at least one other CBD business to be eligible.

  • You can apply for up to $500 ex GST for your collaboration project
  • The funding application is for the 2023/2024 financial year
  • The funding period is open throughout the year
  • CBD businesses reserve the right to approve one funding application per financial year
  • NCBI reserves the right to request further information if required
  • Approval of funding is at the discretion of NCBI
  • NCBI’s logo must be used on promotional material
  • Applications must be received at least 30 days before the hosted event
  • A post-event summary is required within one month post the event
  • NCBI will process your application and notify outcome within five working days

For further information or questions, please get in touch with or 021 051 5427.

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To be eligible for this funding you must collaborate with at least one other CBD business.
Selected Value: 1
10 = Clear increase in CBD turnover in multiple categories 0 – There is very little likelihood of a significant impact on turnover
Selected Value: 1
Is your event complimenting other CBD or regional events10 = Clear increase in CBD vibrancy across CBD 0 – There is very little likelihood of a significant impact on Vibrancy
Selected Value: 0
10 – Leverages other activities in CBD / Region well 0 – Standalone activity
Selected Value: 0
10 – The idea drives & facilitates collaboration within membership 0 – The Idea is not reliant or encourage collaboration
Selected Value: 0
10 – The idea has appeal / involvement to a wide demographic 0 – The Idea does is targeted to a very specific demographic.

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