Lou & Beccah – Urban Deli

Owners, and best friends, Lou Jonas and Beccah Mcleod say the ethos behind the deli is simple: healthy food made delicious.

Urban Deli has recently relocated to Emerson Street (West). It’s a place incredibly popular with locals and visitors alike for its range of allergy-friendly and healthy, nutritious fare.

Owners, and best friends, Lou Jonas and Beccah Mcleod say the ethos behind the deli is simple: healthy food made delicious.

“Food evolves all the time and there has been a definite shift with people becoming much more aware of what they are putting in their bodies and wanting healthier eating options,” says Lou. “There has also been an increase in awareness of allergies and intolerances, as our food has become so processed. Our approach is to provide healthy, home-baked food.”

Most of Urban Deli’s creations are gluten and dairy free, and the deli also offers vegan and vegetarian dishes. For those with food allergies or who are following Paleo or keto diets, there are plenty of options. Lou and Beccah make their own bread, pastry, bagels and dressings, eliminating much of the carbohydrate, sugar and fat content.

“I have food allergies and Beccah suffers from Crohns disease, and because of that, we are committed to providing healthy, allergy-free food in our business. We can eat anything in our deli. It’s been a big learning curve and we are educating ourselves as well as our customers,” says Lou.

As a qualified chef and baker, Lou’s 35-year hospitality pedigree includes owning Ahuriri’s Hep Set Mooch café and helping establish many of Napier’s best-loved cafés like the Groove Kitchen in Tennyson St. Beccah is also a hospitality veteran, having spent 20-years working around the region.

The deli is also committed to sustainability and is in the process of becoming 100% eco-friendly. From cardboard takeaway salad containers, recyclable glass juice bottles, reusable bags and bio-degradable spoons, the pair are walking the talk.

Our favourite dishes

Lou: it would have to be the healthy option Bento bowl, packed with Asian flavours.

Beccah: the delicious Chia smoothie bowl – it has a coconut milk base and is gluten and dairy free.

Our customers love the gourmet chicken and spinach roll with homemade wholemeal pastry.


Napier is…

Vibrant, sunny and a beautiful place to work. Napier is a friendly, small town with a big city vibe without the crowds. We are so lucky – we get to meet a variety of people every day, many from overseas and also get to connect with our regulars. And although we work in town, we still can hear the sound of the ocean and smell the sea air. It’s fabulous.

251 Emerson Street, Napier

06 835 4088


Words by Sarah Cameron – www.sarahcameron.co.nz

Photos by Florence Charvin