Beautiful Brunches

Brunch is almost an institution in New Zealand, and boy oh boy are we spoilt for choice in Napier!

Napier has a great selection of restaurants, cafes and eateries perfect for spending time with mums of every form – grandmothers, mothers, step-mothers, mother figures, mothers-in-law and friends.  Be sure to book through – Mother’s Day is a popular celebration!

Zigg Zagg, down the end of Emerson Street is a relaxed neighbourhood cafe servicing all day breakfast and lunch.  Bordering the beautiful Clive Square gardens, Zigg Zagg is the perfect location for a family photo session.

There are several cafes on the Tennyson Street strip including Groove Kitchen Espresso set in an Art Deco Californian bungalow and with cosy fireside spaces inside to keep you warm. Down the road is Ujazi, a Napier institution popular with locals and visitors alike, and for those with special dietary requirements, there are plenty of gluten free options. Mister D is a restaurant and café with a relaxed vibe and a really interesting menu. You can’t go past though their famous injectable donuts – cinnamon sugar with a fix of custard, jelly or chocolate. For the grownups, they’ve given the injectables a little alcoholic twist – Hennessy cognac custard, Stolen rum chocolate and 42 Below vodka jelly.

On Hastings Street there’s the Albion Canteen, open on Sundays from 8am to 3pm serving breakfasts, salad bowls, smoothies and grilled sandwiches plus a counter full of delicacies to choose from.

If you want to take something yummy with you up to Marine Parade, then you might like to try Hapi on Hastings Street or Urban Deli on Emerson Street – particularly if you or mum have any food allergies!

Others you might like to explore:

Napier is brimming with loads of other places you can sit and relax for the morning.

You can also try:

St Germain Cafe – Dalton Street

Ajuna Eatery – corner of Hastings and Tennyson Street

Chantals – Hastings Street

Georgia – Tennyson Street

Adoro Cafe – Hastings Street

Kolachi Eatery – Emerson Street

Emporium – Tennyson Street

County Hotel – Browning Street


Words by Sarah Cameron –

Photos by Florence Charvin –