Matariki – HB Regional Economic Development Strategy & Action Plan

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The Development of a Single Matariki Strategy for Economic and Social Growth

Matariki firstly, from late 2014 to mid-2016, focused on regional economic development. The Strategy was developed by a partnership including Māori, Local Authorities, business and the Crown. The Regional Economic Development Strategy was launched by the Government as part of their Regional Growth Programme in July 2016.

The second stage began mid-2016 with regional leaders from the Intersectoral Leadership Group undertaking the development of a social inclusion strategy, with community engagement and input.

Those engaged identified goals and actions which will ensure economic gains made under regional economic development are accessible to everyone in the Hawke’s Bay region. The Social Inclusion Strategy was adopted by the Leadership Group and the Matariki Executive Group in 2017.

Moving forward the Executive Group has supported the integration of these complementary strategies. The merger has begun with the integration of actions from both strategic areas. A fully integrated Matariki Strategy will be developed as part of a planned review in 2019.