Let the beat of the city move you

24 September 2020

Our Story

Napier: Let the Beat of the City Move You.


Our goal was to create a sense of energy and fun that comes from being in the Napier CBD and enjoying all the things the CBD has to offer. We wanted to create FOMO for people who aren’t in the CBD. Hitting our audience from an emotional place.  People make decisions with emotion and they justify their decisions with logic. We wanted to make our audience feel something, and we closed it off with a tagline Napier, let the beat of the City move you. 

The plan to utilise a local professional dancer who danced from shop to shop in a contemporary/classical style that is fun and interesting.  She starts off as just another pedestrian on the street, and as she makes her way around the stores of Napier she gradually infects others with her enthusiasm and energy. With no narrative, language is not an issue and helps create curiosity. 

Her day started by waking up in the gorgeous Masonic Hotel,  stretching in the soundshell, and starting her day walking along. Music grows in her headphones and we can hear it coming through. She makes her way down Hastings Street, and she starts to dance. Window shopping in her pajamas, dreaming of wearing an outfit from Kilt she suddenly appears dressed ready for dancing and shopping her day away. Her little dance infection hits people and they echo some of her moves. She then moves her way down Tennyson Street and the same thing happens. People start tapping their feet as the dancing infects them too. You could think of this like another pandemic… Except instead of a deadly virus, people are getting infected with fun, joy and DANCE! 

She keeps going with nice little interactions from some of our CBD’s fantastic retailers. Day dancing becomes night dancing taking in the city night life creating a further vibe. Finishing off with a drone shot of the city looking back from Lower Emerson Street with our dancer small in the frame and a graphic Napier: Let the beat of the City move you.