Time to Deco

By   Pip   -  March 14 / 2022

Written by Rose Unsworth 

Time to Deco 

Tickets purchased, itinerary sorted, just the shopping left to do. It’s definitely all about the accessories and our Napier City Retailers are here to help you get the look. 

Hats first. Be it a cloche, fedora, or wide brimmed shady style, turbans, head bands, fascinators, feathers and flowers. The critical element is try on before you buy. There will be a hat out there that works for you – the Art Deco Trust shop, Decorum and Napier Central Store have some great options. 

Shoes are critical. Court shoes with a mid height heel, classic Mary Janes, wedge sandals. A pair of fold up ballet flats in your bag can be a great lifesaver. Neutrals or black work with everything. 

Bling. Beads. Chokers. Statement necklaces. Earrings, bangles and bracelets plus rings. They will make or break your look. Adore, Napier Antique and Jewellery Centre and Art Deco Trust Shop have them all. 

Furs (there are great fakes out there), shawls or pashminas for an evening chill. Op shops can be a great first stop – in our CBD check out the Red Cross, SPCA or Cranford Hospice Store. 

Bags. The good news is that this year’s programme is handbag sized. Elegant clutches for evening wear. Go large and roomy for day time. 

The big question is how to actually dress for Deco. There are two approaches. For pure Deco, head to Decorum or shop smart and buy a couple of current fashion items that you accessorise to get the look. Garment, Dandan, Two Lippy Ladies and Max for a modern twist. Offering great service and they know how to take today’s look and style it Deco. 

Wide legged pants. Plain or striped with a simple white shirt or plain t-shirt look great. Wear anywhere. Add a kimono and headwear, beads and bling and you are a deco belle. Art Deco Trust and Adore stock an amazing range of kimonos. Dropped waist dresses always work. Op shops are a great hunting ground but Decorum and Napier Antique and Jewellery Centre have done the hard work for you with vintage and new options. 

Evening wear says glamour and glitter. This is your statement piece. Remember that dress is never going to go out of style. Shadowcat and Napier Antique and Jewellery Centre have dresses to die for. Shadowcat can even alter to fit. There’s also the option of rental with Lily Maude – who makes authentic to fit full outfits for hire. 

And finally men. White shirt with chinos. Add a bow tie, braces, boater or panama and you are

set. If you are doing posh at night then a dinner suit is timeless but add a silk scarf and cummerbund and you are Fred Astaire personified or add a little fun with a Fez. Striped blazers, waistcoats and two tone shoes or brogues really help you nail the look. Chris Wigg, Decorum, Napier Antiques and Jewellery are your go to expert. 

Now you just have to brush up on the Tango and the Charleston and you are ready to go! 


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