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By   Pip   -  March 14 / 2022

Written by Monika Guertl​

Remember the days you walked into a secondhand shop, and you were surrounded by the thick and oppressive smell of mothballs and vintage musk? You will be happy to hear that those days are over.

In recent years, charity shops, which are also called op shops or thrift shops, have changed their reputation and are becoming increasingly fashionable. We at Cranford Hospice are extremely proud of our charity shops in Napier, Hastings and Waipukurau. But why would you want to visit us? First, if you browse through the racks, you might be surprised by the quality brands you can purchase at a fraction of the original price. There is a very diverse assortment of clothing in store, meaning you are unlikely to find yourself wearing the same top as your friend or co-worker. Another advantage is that all those preloved items are prewashed and preshrunk and all the chemicals used in the manufacturing process have been washed out. 

Do you like vintage and retro? When you shop at charity shops, you can often find clothing that was actually made in the decade that is coming back into style and you can purchase it at an affordable price. Or are you looking for that stunning, head-turning Art Deco outfit? You will be amazed by the selection in store. 

But it does not stop with clothing. Do you need to furnish your home on a tight budget? Are you looking for that unique Christmas gift? Are you into DIY, upcycling and crafts and wanting some new ideas? Do you need an inspiration on a good book to take on your holiday? Would you rather want to spend $3 on your child’s pair of trousers instead of $30 when your son or daughter will outgrow them in a year? Would you like to be taken down memory lane by finding some treasures from your childhood that no longer get manufactured? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you should pay your local charity shop a visit. 

One of the biggest benefits of charity shopping is its impact on the environment by recycling clothes
and goods. When you donate items to a charity shop, you are playing a great role in keeping clothes
out of landfills. And when you buy secondhand, you are preventing a massive waste of energy and
resources on the production of new clothes. It is an easy way to make a difference.
Charity shops are non-profits. The money you spend goes to a good cause and you are supporting an
organization that strives to help others. In our case at Cranford Hospice your donations and
purchases are helping us to provide the best possible palliative care, education, support and advice
to the people of the Hawke’s Bay.
Did you know that most people that are working at a charity shop are volunteers? These selfless
superstars are dedicating their time and talent and we cannot thank them often enough. Please
greet them with a smile the next time you visit a charity shop and please let us know if you want to
be part of our team of amazing volunteers as Cranford Hospice is always looking for more to join.
Lastly, if you are into surprises as much as me, you will love charity shopping as you never know what
great treasures you will discover. Every visit you can expect to find completely different products. But
I may warn you, it is addictive! There is a high chance you will turn into an op shopping enthusiast
just like me.

Yours Monika
Retail Business Specialist at Cranford Hospice


Cranford Hospice Store Napier

The Napier Cranford Hospice Store has been a well-loved and reliable second hand store since 2008. Got a dress-up party to go to? Moving into your first home? We have just the items for you.

Monday to Friday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday: 10am - 2pm
Sunday: Closed

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