Lizzie’s Tennyson shopping trip

By   Pip   -  March 14 / 2022

Written by Lizzie Russell


I love clothes. Fabrics, cuts, pleats, colour, drape, the care someone has put into designing and making the garment, the conversations a certain dress can spark, the memory it might evoke, the lightness or weight on my skin, the way an outfit can lift my mood, all of it. 

A weekend away in Wellington or Christchurch (or further afield… remember those days?) will inevitably take in a bit of shopping, or at least exploring. But honestly, for me, the best shopping for clothing and accessories is right here in central Napier. And that’s because of the people. 

My happy Napier shopping trip is hyper-local, and starts at the top of Tennyson Street, perching in the luxe velvet love seat at Garment. A chat with the fun, funny and fashionable Sarah and Ginny is good for the soul, plus while I’m here I am dropping off a couple of under-used pieces from my own wardrobe, so I feel very virtuous right off the bat. Sarah talks me into something vintage and unusual (I’ll make myself be brave), Ginny’s wearing something I’ve deposited at Garment months ago, and it feels like a beautiful fashion closed loop! 

(I do so love being at work at Tennyson Gallery on a random afternoon when a gorgeous stranger walks in wearing something that used to hang in my wardrobe, that she’s found at Garment. There must be countless instances of recognition of items every week around our sweet city!) 

Next up, it’s a browse through the growing collection of clothing treasures at Brocante. Mostly a destination for homewares and gifts, Andrea and her team seem to have been ramping up the fashion offering, and it’s fantastic. I can vouch for the fact that in a one visit you can collect a sequin top, flowing colourful pants, and still be coveting linen and cotton dresses… 

Right next door is iconic fashion boutique Degas. Theresa is a star, and so are her stylish ladies Justine, Gill and Julie. Any time I go to Degas – either to buy a special dress for a special event, to catch up on news, or to browse the racks and be accidentally inspired and delighted – I leave with a bigger smile. Today I’m leaving with a Maison & Soda wrap dress I’ve had on Lay-buy in preparation for all the fabulous occasions that will SURELY jump back onto the calendar soon. 

Over the road and into Market Street, there are beautiful hits of colour at Caravan, and chats with Julie or Sandy, and then it’s over to Two Lippy Ladies to see the fabulous dresses (and more… ahh, these ladies have an eye for a good jumpsuit). You can get to know the team and their vibrant, size-inclusive and gorgeous offering on their fun Instagram. 

Seeing I’ve still got a minute or two, I’ll whip down to Black Bird Goods on Dalton Street to see Ingrid, an absolute stalwart of retail and hospo around the Bay. She’s always wearing something chic and unique and can give you the heads-up of what KowTow stock is over at the Black Bird Goods sister store in Hastings. 

The fashion women in our wee precinct are fabulous, and there are loads more than those name-checked here. I love seeing each and every one of them on any given day, leading the charge in our stylish central city. Thank you, ladies, for making shopping more pleasurable, and for making town more beautiful. Xx 

Next time – the rest of the fashion attractions in central Napier! 

Lizzie Russell is the owner-operator of Tennyson Gallery in Central Napier.


Filled with unexpected and utterly seductive treasure.  It’s an electric blend of exclusive home wares, vintage design, jewellery, scarves, clothing and body products.  In fact Brocante is the place to go for all things French styled.  The impressive 1930’s stained glass ceiling dome is a must see.

Monday to Friday 9am-5pm Saturday 10am-4pm
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Visit Degas Boutique for carefully curated collections from luxury New Zealand designers and selected European brands.

We offer elevated every day to event wear, and we’d love to help you find something fabulous.

Monday - Friday 9am-5pm
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Tennyson Gallery

At Tennyson Gallery we celebrate creativity, individuality and beauty by presenting a wide array of work from talented NZ artists. Visit our welcoming and vibrant space in the heart of Napier City to explore our curated range of paintings, prints, photography, sculpture, glass, ceramics and contemporary jewellery.

Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
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