Christmas in the City & Market Day Registration

Great deals, Santa visits, street carols, festive flavours, face painting and more! Saturday 13 July, 2024 10am-3pm

1. Register below for a stall outside your shop or in Emerson St.

2. Share your mid-winter deals, offerings, or festive flavours (food/drinks) with us! We’ll showcase them in our event promotional material, whether you’re a stall holder or not.

Help us help you turn a quiet month into a bustling, profitable time for your business. And bring some joy and warmth to our community during the chilly winter months.

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Market Day FAQ’s


Q. Does it cost to be involved?

A. It’s free to participate and we will cover all the costs to advertise the event, but hope you’ll also share it on your socials and with your database too.


Q. How will this event be promoted and advertised?

A. We’ll be using a mix of digital media, radio, posters, flyers for your venue, socials and more to spread the word!


Q. Do I need a licence for the market stall?

A. We’ve secured a special CBD-wide license from Napier City Council, allowing you to set up a table right outside your shop, snug against your window or frontage.


Q. I don’t have a trestle table for market day?

A. We can arrange for Mardi Gras to drop off a 6ft trestle table for just $15. And to maintain a consistent ‘market day’ look, we’ll provide everyone with a free tablecloth.


Q. Is my stall likely to be a target for theft?

A. Having a dedicated staff member at your market stall provides security against theft concerns. Alternatively, you can opt to showcase empty boxes, while keeping your valuable products securely stored inside the shop.


Q. Do you have any tips for creating a successful market stall?

A. We sure do! Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to help.


Q. I’m not sure if the market day will be beneficial for my business?

A. It all comes down

If you’re still on the fence about the market day, take a peek at what these retailers had to say after the last one – it might just sway you!

“Huge thanks to Andrea, Pip, Arlene and everyone else who was involved on Saturday. Was lovely to be part of it, so impressed with the event, how it all ran so smoothly (well from my perspective, hopefully it wasn’t to chaotic for you all) and that you have such a strong organisation that supports Napier’s CBD. Other centres would do well to take notice of all you do.”

“A massive thank you for the market day on Saturday, this has to be one of our most successful day we have seen in such a long time (sales wise) we really appreciate the opportunity to participate in things like this and the crowds seen in the city over the weekend were amazing”

“Thank you for organising the fab Saturday parade and market day. Lots of fun with the staff and certainly brought the crowds out and weather was perfect. We were so busy we couldn’t make it down to watch parade!! Again, thanks it was a pearler”


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