Pay by Plate parking meters coming to the CBD

By   Pip   -  May 3 / 2022

Lollypop parking meters are on their way out and Pay by plate are on their way in!

Work to remove the old machines and install the new meters is scheduled in May/June with the Napier CBD first, followed by Taradale. 

The decommissioning and installation schedule plan has been carefully considered, ensuring there is minimal disruption to the public and businesses. 

The pay-by-plate meters will be available to see and try out in the Napier City Council customer services centre on Hastings Street, as well as both the Napier and Taradale libraries from the 13th of April. 

The upgrade to Pay-by-Plate meters is an opportunity to upgrade Napier’s parking system to deliver a better service to parking users and also ensures consistency across the region, with alignment to Hastings District Council’s parking system. These upgraded meters are user-friendly, using licence plate numbers to record parking time and payment. Parking assistants will be out and about around the time of installation in Napier and Taradale and are happy to help the public.

 The benefits of the new meters are:


  • More payment options – you can still pay with coins or Parkmate and you can now choose to use credit card payment.
  • No need to return to your vehicle to display a ticket  
  • Enter your licence plate number to check your remaining time or top-up from any meter in the same zone/time restriction 
  • Take your credit with you when moving your vehicle within the same zone/time restriction 
  • Most of the new meters are solar-powered, they are paperless & take up less room on our footpaths 

Napier City Council has provided user benefits and FAQs on their website here 

Dates for the street-by-street decommissioning and installation are listed below.

Please note these are subject to change throughout the week but gives you a guide.

Week Beginning 9th May 2022

·         Byron Street

·         Herschell Street

·         Browning Street

·         Cathedral Lane

·         Clive Square East

·         Clive Square West

·         Dalton Street (Emerson Street to hill).

Week Beginning 16th May 2022

·         Tennyson Street

·         Tiffen Lower Carpark

·         Tiffen East Carpark

·         Lower Emerson (between Clive Square West and Clive Square East)

·         Dickens Street

·         Dickens Street South Carpark

·         Dickens Street West Carpark

·         Dickens Street East Carpark

·         Dalton Street (from Emerson Street to Vautier Street)

·         Dalton Street Precinct

Week Beginning 23rd May 2022

·         Marine Parade

·         Hastings Street

·         Albion Street

·         Station Street

·         Vautier Street

·         Vautier Street North Carpark

4-26th June 2022

Meterheads/lollipop removal across the Napier CBD.


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