Safety in our CBD

By   Pip   -  March 24 / 2022

Tips on how to keep you and your stores safe from crime.


One thing that sticks out when you look at some stores is how many high display stands there are between the door of the store and the observation area from the sales counter.

Retailers need to stand in their store and scan the area. How many spots within your store can you not see? These will be the areas that offenders are concealing the goods that are being stolen from your shop.

The best deterrent to shoplifting is great customer service. If you have any doubts or suspicions about a person they should be your number 1 target for customer service. If they are a genuine customer 90% of them will love the attention. If they have dishonest intentions they certainly will not like the attention.


Strategically place your sales counter in an area where you can view most parts of your store. CCTV cameras are invaluable for a retail store or shop. Police are 100% on the front foot once we receive a HIGH QUALITY of CCTV footage. About 80% of the time a local offender will be identified by Police or Loss Prevention staff. 

Always give an offender an easy way out of the store. Do not try to physically detain any person if they have stolen goods on them. On occasions just asking for the goods back will work however if you get a drug-fueled offender dead set on getting out with the goods they could become violent and as previously stated – personal safety is more important than property.

Offenders are bringing boxes into stores and putting stolen items in the bottom and then legit items on top.  They are also bringing things like bolt cutters and snippers in the boxes as well and using these to remove hard-to-remove tags.

De-taggers are still being used.
Offenders are working together in groups of three or more.
Shoplifters are enjoying the anonymity of wearing face masks to avoid identification.
Shoplifters are being more aggressive towards staff.
Prams – covered to pretend ‘baby is asleep’  The pram is used to pack stolen items (sample image below)
Big dollar items are being stolen – not uncommon for thefts to be well over the $1000 mark. 
The thief is ‘talking’ on the phone while they push the trolley to the door, the idea is that we won’t stop them as they are on a busy phone call. 

Often they use the excuse on the phone to Australia, their mum, aunty, they are looking for someone in-store and trying to phone them.


Trespass orders can be issued to anyone that you do not want in your store. If they are known for previous shoplifting in your store you can trespass them after the fact if you would like to.

Once trespassed they cannot enter the store for a period of 2 years. Always keep a copy of your trespass orders and their expiry dates. Recidivist shoplifters will only be kept away for the length of the notice so have one prepared to re-issue after that 2 year period if they show up back in your shop.

If convicted of Trespass an offender can be sentenced to 3 months imprisonment or a $1000 fine.

Trespass Orders can be downloaded from the NZ Police Website. 

Make sure you have three copies ready to go  Click here to download the trespass notices.

CCTV Cameras and Napier Assist 






The city CCTV cameras are in the process of being upgraded and will be transitioned from the Napier Trust CCTV network to Napier City Council beginning 1st of July.  The launch of the Napier Assist programme will follow. The Napier Assist programne includes on-the-street officers working with our people to support a safer Napier. The team is currently in the recruitment phase and hopes to have officers employed in the next 4 weeks. 


111 is to be called when there is a developing situation that could involve an immediate threat to life or serious injury to any person. Eg traffic crashes, armed offenders, fights or assaults in progress, burglary (person entering a house or building unlawfully).

These are the more life-threatening situations, but there is a myth that retail staff can’t call 111 for fleeing shoplifters. 111 is the quickest way to get through and get the information out to police staff early. If someone is in store and you feel they are going to flee with goods, have the phone ready to go so that you can all police – however – you should be using your own crime prevention techniques within the store before this happens.

105 If the offence has occurred and there is no chance of apprehending the offender dial 105 and provide all the information required.

If you would like to provide Anonymous information call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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